Scott Kingsnorth

Hello. That's me. Scott Kingsnorth. I'm a writer. I write comedy. Sketches mainly. I've written for BBC Radio 4 and several live sketch shows. I have also written stage plays which have been performed England and America.

Currently I am working on a very dark comedy drama. Hopefully it’ll be on a stage near you in the near future.

Anyway, for the people seeking more personal information please heed the following:

I am an "indoorsy" sort of person, who enjoys good films and the company of his friends. I can name most of the Muppets but can't tell one car from another. I eat healthy for as long as my pay packet allows. I own a George Forman grill but mostly use it for cheese toasties. I watch football with the same naïve eyes a dog would use when shown a card trick. I think Paul McGann was the best Doctor Who, and the best pasta comes in tins.

Photo courtesy and copyright Ellen Montelius, 2015.